In this section we share some unique resources for creating your desserts:video tutorials to inspire your imagination. Each video is accompanied by a written text that summarizes the main steps in the recipe. Discover the tricks and follow the advice of Master Pastry Chefs who have made these videos together with Bussy.


How to create an innovative and fun dessert with Kikere by Bussy.


Create a sophisticated dessert to amaze your customers with LeCestine by Bussy.


Find out how to prepare a delicious dessert with Bussy Miniholly Cocco in just a few, simple steps.


How to create a fantastic dessert in just minutes... to make your head spin, with Trottole by Bussy.


Guide to making a delicious dessert with Ciokkolone maxi rolled wafers.

Cannolo Stecco

How to prepare a delicious dessert with 19/10 rolled wafers by Bussy and lots of creativity.


Video tutorial and guide to making a dessert with the Biscottone wafer by Bussy.

Cannoli Delizia Verde

In this video tutorial and guide, we explain how to prepare a dessert with the Delizia Verde rolled wafer.